A Few Words About Us

Picano Education LLP is an offshoot of Picano India. Picano India is a manufacturer of Institutional furniture and has supplied furniture to over 5000 institutes across India.

Being associated with Schools and institutes for so many years, we decided to move into the education space . Picano Education LLP is in the process of forming India’s biggest marketplace for online education. We intend to offer courses from K- 12 to university level, competitive exams to skill development, personal to professional learning, by collaborating with the best content providers across the globe. We intent to provide vocational courses being conducted by best Universities of the world. Picano Education LLP has been formed with the intention to facilitate free education to the under privileged. We intent to provide SCHOLARSHIPS to all students who register for various online courses through our portal. We are creating a SCHOLARSHIP FUND which shall be distributed to the various students of all age groups who wish to study and or grow in professional / personal life..

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A choice of courses

Feesmaaf offers a choice of courses selected from the best e learning courses worldwide. This makes it possible for you to buy the best course from anywhere in the world .

Backed with AI

Very soon you will see that our marketplace helps you to choose a course depending upon your aptitude and taste.

Take Notes

courses available on our website have a provision to take more then one course at the time .You can also take notes to remind you later to do the course.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We hope that you will like our book rental service. Our team makes every effort to offer you an easy and enjoyable experience of renting books at any time of the year.

Our Team

Shekhar Pathak

(Founder & Global Sales Head)

UN Pathak


Nikhil Pathak


Somyak Pathak


Sudhanshu Pathak

(Vice President Marketing)

Soham Pathak

(Vice President Admin)

Manoj Joshi

(Director Media)

Divya Roy

(Marketing Officer)

Our Promoters

Sonia Singh

(Founder Member & Promoter)

Dr Srinivasamurthy D

(Founder Member & Promoter)

Neetika Vermani

(Founder Member & Promoter)

Chawla SP Singh

(Founder Member & Promoter)

Prem Chand Sharma

(J& K Promoter)

Deborah Stewart

Inventory Control Manager

Patrick Douglas

Website Administrator

Ruth Marshall

Office Manager

Our Investor

Anshul Kapoor

(Founder Member & Promoter)

Ajeet Singh

(Founder Member & Promoter)

Preeti Kapoor

(Founder Member & Promoter)

Chawla SP Singh

(Founder Member & Promoter)

Our History

Our History

Picano Education LLP is an offshoot of Picano India. Picano India is a manufacturer of Institutional furniture and has supplied furniture to over 5000 institutes across India.

We established Feesmaaf with an idea of creating a global platform for e-learning.

The idea stuck us when we realised the future of e-learning. However, we did not have our own content. We unloaded some content from the net , but found that it was not strategized. We planned to hire a few content writers, but soon understood that we are not educationists. We will not be able to do justice to the students. As such we dropped the idea , but kept looking for opportunities.

Partnering with Educational platforms

Our fire was back. We wished to create an e-learning marketplace so that we could enhance the awareness of the students. The student could be of any age, but should have the opportunity to enhance his skills.

Offering Feesmaaf , an e-learning martketplace to the world

The idea started taking shape. The need of the hour was to fill the gap created by the un-awareness of the students regarding various e-learning platforms available. The student should have the choice to pick up the right e-learning platform as per his skill, aptitude & budget. The idea was appreciated and we started talking to various e-learning platform publishers

What We Offer

We are a bamboo tree. It takes time to blossom. Over a period of time we shall offer more than 30000 courses online. Our efforts are on to get more and more people on our marketplace. You are the one who will make it successful. You are the one who will benefit

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